Benefits of Online Education
The Benefits of Online Education

1. Student-Centered Learning: Online students are empowered to learn on their own and to learn from and teach other students.

2. Online Studies courses are writing-intensive and help students develop strong writing skills.

3. Discussions are highly interactive, requiring all students to respond. Thus, discussions reflect more depth and thought. Participation in online discussion is also less intimidating for some students.

4. Online Education is geared toward lifelong learning and cultivates self-motivated education.

5. Course materials are enriched by the use of Internet resources and current technology.

6. Help from the instructor is just a click away.

7. Greater access to professors provides immediate feedback.

8. Online Education offers flexibility to students with family and work responsibilities.

9. A strong sense of community develops between students.

10. Faculty are challenged by teaching online vs. the traditional classroom, and thus the quality of teaching is often enhanced.

Note: This article was originally published in The Technology Source as: Mark Kassop "Ten Ways Online Education Matches, or Surpasses, Face-to-Face Learning." The Technology Source, May/June 2003. Available online here. The article is reprinted here with permission of the publisher.