Remote Student Courses at CSBS
Remote Student Courses

Welcome to CSBS's remote student courses page.

Here you will find information on the courses being offered this semester. For more information about the online courses in general or about our distance education program, please return to the Seminarylink.

Remote Student Courses allow for students to participate in live, on-campus courses via the internet without actually being physically in the classroom. Remote students must have access to stable high speed internet as well as a webcam and microphone, because they will be expected to participate in the course just like students in the physical classroom. (Headset microphones actually provide for optimum communication.) That also means that students must be at their computers for the duration of the class time each week. 

Contact the registrar if you are interested in any of these courses.  Textbooks are not included in the fees need to be ordered separately.

Seminary Level Only

Old Testament I (3 credits) Thursday 8:00 – 10:55 am 

Old Testament I and II provide an introduction to each book of the Old Testament, with special reference to its background, history, contents, and major teachings. Old Testament I includes a study of the books of the Law and the Historical Books (Genesis – Esther).

Course fee: $1260.00 CDN (subject to change)

Isaiah Book Study (3 credits) Friday 8:00 – 11:55 am

Study of the book of Isaiah.

Course fee: $1260.00 CDN (subject to change)

Missiology (2 credits) Tuesday 8:00 am - 10:00 am

This course surveys the basic perspectives involved in being “on mission with God” such as the biblical foundations (theology), history of missions, cross-cultural interactions, and strategies. Special focus will be given to the mission history, vision and strategies of Southern Baptists.

Course fee: $840.00 CDN ​(subject to change)  

Spiritual Formation (2 credits) Tuesday 12:30 - 2:25 pm

This course is designed to assist persons in their spiritual and character development, with a view to becoming more strongly prepared on a personal level for Christian living and ministry. Important elements of ministry will be studied, including typical ministry hazards and types of personal failures. Investing in personal formation is a key component of this course.

Course fee: $840.00 CDN ​(subject to change)  

Gospel & Culture (2 credits) Tuesday 2:30 - 4:25 pm

This course will explore ways the Gospel encounters and transforms culture. Among the topics to address: defining culture, and understanding the dynamics of cultural change; developing a biblical theology of cultural creativity and engagement; exploring historical and contemporary models of Christian encounter with culture; cultural exegesis for the purpose of mission; contextualizing the Gospel message for a given culture. Principles will be applied to the contexts ministry within the changing culture of North America, as well as cross-cultural ministry in other parts of the world.

Course fee: $840.00 CDN ​(subject to change)  

Biblical Greek I (3 credits) Tuesday & Thursday 11:00 - 11:55 am, Wednesday 12:30 - 1:25 pm

This course is the first in a two-course sequence which orients the student to the study of the Greek New Testament. Greek I introduces the student to the grammar and syntax of biblical Greek. The overall aim is to equip the student to use the Greek New Testament for preaching and teaching responsibilities in ministry.


**Subject to permission from professor

Course fee: $1260.00 CDN ​(subject to change)  

Christian Ethics (3 credits) Wednesday 8:00 - 11:55 am

This course coheres in the teaching of Jesus about Christian discipleship in the Sermon on the Mount. The Kingdom ethic of Jesus is of paramount interest and focus. The entire course is focused in Kingdom ethics and lifestyle and how this is daily lived in discipleship and evidenced by character. Specific contemporary moral issues are considered in the Kingdom ethic context.

Course fee: $1260.00 CDN ​(subject to change)   

College Level Only

Old Testament Survey (3 credits) Wednesday 8:00 – 11:55 am

This course is an introduction to the books of the Old Testament with special reference to their contents and major teachings.

Course fee: $1140.00 CDN  (subject to change)

Isaiah Book Study (3 credits) Friday 8:00 am - noon

Book study

Course fee: $1140.00 CDN (subject to change)

Bible Interpretation (3 credits) Tuesday 1:30 - 4:30 pm

This introductory course in hermeneutics is a survey of the basic principles for grammatical-historical Bible Interpretation. The student will gain an understanding and appreciation of the nature of the Bible, the nature of biblical interpretation, and the history of hermeneutics and its contemporary relevance. The student will also learn and apply the basic principles for grammatical-historical interpretation.

Course fee: $1140.00 CDN (subject to change)

Course Registration

The courses run August 28 – December 14, 2017 and are available for academic credit only.

Registration deadline is August 24, 2017.  Course fees are due August 25, 2017. There is a $30 per semester non-refundable registration fee.

E-mail if you have any questions, for further information or to register for any of these courses.