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Here you will find information on the courses being offered this semester. For more information about the online courses in general or about our distance education program, please return to the Seminarylink.

Fall 2017 Courses

Seminary Level Only

Christian Ethics (3 credits)

This course coheres in the teaching of Jesus about Christian discipleship in the Sermon on the Mount. The Kingdom ethic of Jesus is of paramount interest and focus. The entire course is focused in Kingdom ethics and lifestyle and how this is daily lived in discipleship and evidenced by character. Specific contemporary moral issues are considered in the Kingdom ethic context.

Course fee: $1260.00 CDN (subject to change)


Christian Apologetics (2 credits)

This course introduces students to the study and practice of apologetics in contemporary settings. The history of Christian apologetics as well as more recent approaches and styles will be addressed. Key apologetic issues will be addressed within the context of biblical revelation and current cultural and philosophical perspectives. Students will evaluate their own apologetic perspective in light of contemporary demands and concerns.

Course fee: $840.00 CDN (subject to change)


Ministry Synthesis (2 credits)

The goal of this course is to assist students in integrating the various components of their seminary studies for addressing relevant issues in ministry. Students will need to have already completed some course work in a range of disciplines and will not be allowed to register for this course until the second half of their respective degree programs.

Course fee: $840.00 CDN (subject to change)


Summative Evaluation (2 credits)

This course is the capstone course required for students enrolled in the Master of Christian Studies degree program and should be taken in the last semester of studies. The goal of the course is to assist students in summarizing and integrating their previous program studies. Course requirements will include the completion of a minimum 25 page research paper. The student will pay a directed study fee in addition to the required tuition.

Course fee: $990.00 CDN (subject to change)


Course Registration

The courses run August  28 – December 14, 2017.

Please click here for the online registration form. 

Registration deadline is August 24, 2017.

Course fees are due at registration. There is a $30 per semester non-refundable registration fee.

These courses are part of the offerings of the distance education program for masters level training at CSBS.

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