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Training Leaders for Tough Places
Joshua 14:12

At the CSBS&C, like Caleb, we are asking God to give us the hill country (Joshua 14:12) and we are not referring to the Rocky Mountains that frame our splendid western view. We are looking for students who want to be equipped to serve in the hard places, whether that is in a remote village in the Yukon, in downtown Vancouver, or in an international missions setting.

As our school seeks to engage lostness across Canada, students are provided many opportunities to participate in ministry as part of their training.

With a low student-to-faculty ratio, the CSBS&C affords students an excellent opportunity to interact with mentors and teachers. In addition to their doctoral degrees, professors have spent many years in ministry as pastors in North America, and as international missionaries in places like Croatia, Portugal, Hungary, Scotland, and South Africa.

Come and see what God might have on His heart for you at the Canadian Southern Baptist Seminary & College in Cochrane, Alberta.